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Leading Power Solutions

Rental Fleet of Load Banks to Test Your Power Systems

Leading Power Solution is a privately owned company, established in 2010 and rapidly growing. Our rental fleet is the youngest in the industry providing the best and most advanced Load banks in the marketplace. As a specialised Load bank provider, we focus on the Load bank needs of the customer.We provide Load bank and necessary ancillary equipment such as cables, cable joiners and associated items for load test projects.

Our aim is to be a highly professional and customer oriented supplier with an advance suite of products and services to suit. We are highly responsive to customer needs and have the flexibility that only a specialised company can provide.

Our equipment and associated service have been utilised to test mission critical facilities including the nation’s leading Data Centres.

Why choose us

13+ years on the market. High quality standards. World Leading equipment.

Industry Leaders

As the #1 Load Bank Rental Company, Leading Power Solutions consistently delivers unparalleled expertise and service.

Comprehensive Sector Service

Catering to all sectors, we understand the unique power testing needs of various industries.

World-class Technology

We boast the most technically advanced load banks in the world, ensuring precision and reliability in every test.

Versatile Sizing

Our diverse range of load bank sizes are perfect for any space, including compact environments like data centers.

Tailored Solutions

Whether it's for a vast industrial space or a critical data center, our load banks can be tailored to fit your exact requirements.

Commitment to Excellence

Our reputation hinges on our unwavering dedication to quality, ensuring that every client receives the best possible solution.

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